Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Monday, July 28, 2014

Here's the latest from Cambodia Town.
We are so lucky to have such great people to serve and serve with. Everything from awesome members like Seynin, going with us to teach, a sweet member named Sandy taking us out for sushi, countless meals from Sinuon, and so many other examples.

On Saturday the Stake held a big Pioneer picnic. It was awesome, and there was a lot of good food. That was the entirety of us celebrating the pioneers, they don't do too much of that here. 

On Sunday they asked me to play the piano for Primary. After opening exercises they pulled out their laptop and speakers, and kindly excused me to go to Priesthood. (I probably should try and practice more next time). Elder Clawson was laughing so hard when that happened. During the birthday song, I realized that I don't know how to play the ending, so there was no ending.

Besides that we did the normal, of finding, and teaching. Soon we'll be baptizing. Next SundayAngelina, is getting baptized. She's super, super awesome. She's the same age as will, it's really fun to teach her. Her mom and sister are recent converts as well.

We met a awesome Cambodian named Weisee who is in a wheelchair, and works at a watch store. He is really nice and friends with some members in the ward. We think he'll get baptized.

Angelina and Vincent were sick, and had funerals two weeks in a row, so they haven't been confirmed yet! Yikes. Well, next week we can try again! Sometime things come up, but they are awesome.

We went to Garden Grove BLVD and Beach BlVD on the south side of the street (Still in our mission boundaries) to contact a referral. We also have a potential in Seal Beach. We're really excited to get to go and teach somewhere new. New scenery is always good. 

Things are going really well. I hope everyone's summer is going great!