Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So we are moving tomorrow, most likely all day. Because we are the last missionaries moving out of this apartment, we have to clean it, and get everything out... So that will be a HUGE job.  That will be fun. So the way that transfers are going to work is I am going to be in another trio with Elder Clawson and Elder Tarter in the bike area, right in the middle of Cambodia town. They are downsizing it to just two areas because Elder Hicken is going home. Elder Low and Elder Fowler, are in the car area, which completely surrounds our area. It's kind of like a big donut. I am moving to an appartment on Walnut, which is a pretty interesting street. There are a lot of funny things that happen over at "The Walnut". We are moving super close to Cambodia town, which will be nice because we won't have to bike so far to get to our area. The only complaint is our appt. is on the 3rd floor, so we have to take our bikes up a few flights of stairs every day.
 I'm excited to be companions again with my MTC companion, and well, I've been companions with Elder Clawson for 6 months already, so what is another few? I'm excited because we will have a car to use, to take members out. We are going to be so busy these next few months. I was told that a Cambodian speaking missionary was called for Long Beach. I really want to know who it is! Maybe do some secret agent spying and find out! Ha ha, anyway... that's it for now.  Time to get to work!

Monday, February 10, 2014


This week was an amazing experience for the Park Ward! We had a total of 6 baptisms, which was the most in the mission! Elder Clawson and I were able to have the opportunity to baptize a family, which is every missionary's dream! Elder Butler, who is a senior missionary baptized Jessica, the mom. Elder Clawson baptized Tharvee, and I baptized Somarly and Wannadee, as seen in the pictures. It was a fantastic service (a little long) that we had to hold in the chapel because of the number of people in attendance. The entire front row of the chapel was filled with people dressed in white, which was such a cool thing to see. It truely was a miracle. The mission president came, with his wife, to see such a miracle event. Our ward was excited, and is doing great missionary work right now. We found Jessica just over 3 weeks ago.
Funny story, when I baptized Wannadee her hair wasn't going down all the way, so when she was down almost under the water, I kind of had to shove her a little farther down, and she started squirming a little bit under the water. It worked! She was baptized, but the first thing she said after we changed was, "Were you trying to drown me??" I promptly explained the her hair was out of the water, and then she was okay with me holding her under the water, for a few seconds longer than she planned! I heard some giggles, and she had the biggest smile on her face that I've ever seen! The whole family was so excited, and now really want their dad to get work off on Sundays, so he can get baptized too! The Lord gave a miracle to Elder Clawson and I right before transfers. We are most likely ending our 6 month long companionship next Tuesday. We've learned a lot together, and are going to miss our area, and converts a lot!
Until I get my new address, please send all mail to the mission home: 
6500 E Atherton St
Long Beach California 90815

Friday, February 7, 2014

Me vs. Asphalt = The Asphalt Won :(

A week in the life of this missionary.  Yes, I'm alive.  The asphalt won, however.  I now have another story to tell.  
So it turns out today we went to the LA temple instead of the Newport Beach temple, but OH MY GOSH the new video in the temple is AMAZING and the LA temple is beautiful inside, so I had a really great experience. Seriously it was so good.  Today was awesome because I really got my whole mind cleared up. I was able to really think, and feel the spirit. I'm so happy to be serving here! Afterwards we went and got hot dogs at PINK'S! The same place we just went as the family in 2012 I think it was? It was a weird to be somewhere that we had all been together. We drove by Paramount and the Beverly Hills hotel, and the Hollywood sign too. It was a really fun experience!
This was awesome.The other morning, we heard squawking right outside of our door in the middle of personal study. The squawking was loud. Not like the usual pigeon or seagull. We opened our door, looked on the roof, and there were two full size green parrots on the roof! We were so surprised. I of course ran and got my camera, and noticed across the street about 20 more parrots, on the power lines! I have no idea how they got there, or where they were going, but it was definitely another random thing that happened in the Ghetto of Long Beach.
I get my stitches out tomorrow... So I'm not looking forward to that, but Elder Clawson and I are hopefully baptizing our family this Sunday. It's a mom and her 3 girls. Jessica, Somarly, Wanadee, and Tharvee. We have been teaching them a lot with the senior couple, the Butlers, in our ward, and they should be ready by Sunday! Cross your fingers.
The work is going great! Elder Hicken only has 2 Sundays left, so we are getting fed a lot by the members who want to say bye before he goes! We are really excited for him, plus we are moving out of our apartment pretty soon.  Thank you for your love and support.  It means a lot!