Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Monday, August 19, 2013

CALIFORNIA....Write Nick at: 1023 Bennett Ave, Long Beach CA 90804; Packages: 6500 E. Atherton, Long Beach CA 90815.

Okay,  so I thought I'd let everyone know how my first week has gone. Well, first of all, it's awesome. On Tuesday we woke up at 3, and didn't go to bed until 10:30 that night so I was pretty tired, but we were able to get right into some lessons that day. We ride our bikes about 15 minutes every day into the more ghetto part of Long Beach. There are all kinds of people and cultures there.  It's pretty amazing.  There are people that blast Mexican music, and it's pretty funny.  There are a lot of Asian sections, and we can always tell the Cambodian houses because of the plants and weird things they have in the front.  At first, it took a little while to get used to the 'culture', and atmosphere, but it's pretty normal to me now. We really don't stand out as much as we think we do, no one bothers us too much.
So my new companion... well I actually have 2. One is Elder Low, he's from Canada, and is my trainer. The other is Elder Clawson. He got to the mission about 3 months ago, and is still learning like I am.  Elder Clawson is from Texas. We live in our own little apartment by the Ximino ward building, and it's awesome. I finally get to eat what I want, and I finally get to have some freedom.
The weather doesn't get any better than here. It's beautiful, and I can see why so many people live here. Not really much to complain about.
Oh I have to tell you about this guy named Michael.  Michael is crazy, he has taken WAY too much of something in his life, and is really hyper. Well, he's been going to church for about 4 months, and never wanted to get baptised because he had some problems. Well, he called us on Thursday, and he was super hyper and said he wanted to get baptised, so we met with us on Sunday, and he promised to obey all the commandments. If he can make it until September 8th, he can be baptized, but I don't know how that's going to work out. He's so hyper and quite messed up in the head now, but I'm pretty sure that he has support to help him make it. Anyway,  we love him to death, and hope he can make it to that date.
The Park Ward is pretty small, and it's pretty funny because everyone comes to sacrament meeting about 20 minutes late. The Elders Translate for the ward at whatever events they need to. We teach English at "Da UCC" which is a Cambodian culture thing, and we get to run around CSULB most mornings (Mom's and Uncle Alan's alma mater).
Where the Park Ward meets on Ximino, Long Beach, CA
I'd like to apologize if I haven't written letters or emails back, but there is SO LITTLE TIME. I am really grateful for receiving letters and such at the MTC, and here is my new address if you'd like to write:

1023 Bennett Ave, Long Beach CA 90804 and for packages still send them to the mission home at 6500 E. Atherton, Long Beach CA 90815.

It's really an awesome thing teaching people about the gospel because their lives get happier, and their understanding and confusion is helped in leaps and bounds. I know that being on a mission has blessed my life, and I love that here I can do so much for others. I'd like to thank everyone at home for the support, and for their examples and testimonies as well.
Su Sudei!

Elder Liddell
P.S. The language is still impossible haha

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We leave the MTC Tuesday, the 13th at 4:30 AM, and our flight leaves at 8:40. 

I'm excited for Sammy Watchman.  I am hoping to see the Tingeys and Skidmores today.  Tell JD's family I have a ton of friends serving in San Diego speaking Laotian.  I will tell them he's coming.  
Oh the BEST part about this week is that Elder Tarter and I got a letter from the Cambodian Elders in the Park Ward that basically just said how excited they were for us to come, and how fun and awesome it is. It really gave us motivation to do better. One thing I really regret is how bad I was at scripture study before I came. I was never good about getting into good habits and I have really learned so much in the time I have been here.  
I will let you know where I'm living as soon as I can, but after the phone call on Tuesday morning, you won't hear from me most likely until the next Monday, which is our P-Day. 
Hoping everyone is doing well!

I will get better at writing everyone back.  

Elder Liddell

Thursday, August 1, 2013

More familiar faces!

From Elder Liddell:  There's a lot to do! I will try to find time to write letters next week, but we'll have to see.  I appreciate every letter very much.  I should be leaving on Tuesday, August 13th.  We're making our travel plans next week.  Here are a few pictures of friends!  

Now THAT'S a Name Tag!