Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Exploring Where This Missionary Has Never Gone Before

This week was a great week overall. We met some more crazy people as usual, but taught a lot of Cambodians. Another Young Single adult that we found and began teaching, got baptized. We keep handing them off to the singles ward Elders, so they go to the ward they belong to. It's hard because we want to teach them to baptism, but they get baptized none-the-less, so it doesn't really matter. So, we've had 3 baptisms in about 2 months, which is great news! We should have another pretty soon.

An elder from the MTC in our district sent me and Elder Tarter each 4 ties from Cambodia. They are cool. Thanks Elder Tran!

The ghetto is pretty sad, but I'm used to most the things I see. I'm used to the trash and dog poop everywhere. I'm used to people collecting bottles out of trash, and seeing super nice cars parked at super crappy houses. And junker cars everywhere. The alley's here look like the rougher parts of Mexico, but I don't even notice anymore. It was weird getting used to it at first, kind of a culture shock, but I'm over it now. It's going to be weird coming home and seeing nice stuff! 

 We work with less actives a lot. We also started teaching Sokha's deaf husband by writing on a white board. It's super hard but it's interesting. Sokha really wants to be sealed to him.

The new missionary from Cambodia is awesome. He has a twin brother serving in the Salt Lake mission. 

We went to the top of Signal Hill and to the ocean finally today. I've been waiting so long to do something besides play sports. The new Cambodian Elder doesn't play sports so that's why we got to do it. I was so happy to see nice areas finally. We might go see the Queen Mary soon.  Yea!

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