Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Monday, December 9, 2013


Last week was probably the most interesting week I've had on my mission. There has been so many crazy things going on in our ward, and our district. Last week the twin Elder Sams decided to go home, but this week we wanted to do everything possible to keep them here. We especially wanted to help Elder Sam 2, the one who likes being a missionary, stay.
We had some late nights this week. Between talking with president, and dealing with the whole situation, it was hard to see all of the Cambodian areas get hit. Our amount of time to work was significantly lower than usual.  God definitely answered my prayers.  I really desired for Sam 2 to stay, because he truly does love it here.  Sam 2  made the decision to stay, and his brother is going home.   We are all so close because we serve in the same ward our whole mission, and losing someone is like losing a brother. We are so lucky to still have Elder Sam 2 serve in Long Beach and bless the lives of the Cambodian people.
Besides the whole Sam saga, I had a great Thanksgiving. We actually had 3 different meals that day, and yes it was great! All three were a mix of normal Thanksgiving food, and Khmer food. We were lucky enough to be fed so many times.  Our ward is our family! I still missed grandma's deviled eggs though.
Today we decorated our apartment for Christmas and took some pictures.  You asked what I would like for Christmas?  Maybe more sweaters, those cardboard things that hold scriptures at Deseret Book??  Legos, Nerf guns....
Muay Nam is still progressing a lot. He came to church again with his recent convert wife, and two of their grand kids. We write everything for him that the speakers say.  The native missionaries stay can write really fast which helps us a ton! Muay Nam has a date for the last Sunday of the year. Our mission is trying to reach a goal of 70 baptisms before the end of the year, and we want to help!  I think the companionship's are going to get switched up soon, I will let you know.
 Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, and for the cards. On my birthday we had district meeting, so we were planning most of the day. We had some fun in our apartment, and ate cake. Thanks mom for the package, it was awesome! I had a really great birthday, and I'm really glad I got to spend it out here. I got to teach my deaf investigator too, which was really, really fun.

Thanks so much, have a good first week of December!
Love, Elder Liddell

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