Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Friday, January 31, 2014

War Wound

I am totally fine, don't worry! I got a few stitches on my chin, and my hand has some road rash, but it's not bad! Everyone took care of me just fine, I'm going to see the dentist in a few days. Honestly though, I'm okay! The nurse is super nice, and she's been checking up on me. 
We're going to the Newport temple on the 8th, so that's exciting! I still don't think I'm going to see the new video though.
Great news this week, Elder Clawson and I found a family! Jessica, and her 3 kids, all are going to get baptized on February 9th! That's awesome because that was my new years resolution, and we're already accomplishing it! We are teaching them all a lot, and they love it. The senior couple in our ward, the Butlers, are helping to teach them as well. We also have a few other people, doing really well, and coming to church a lot, so we are excited for that. Transfers are on the 16th, and either me or Elder Clawson are going to get transfered out. Neither of us want to leave! Luckily all of the areas in the park ward are doing really well right now.

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