Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Eating Whatever they "Pho" at Us....Kidding! It's Always good. Except...

This week has been awesome!  Our area is exploding!  We are doing great work.  Last transfer was hard.  We didn't know the area, we didn't know the people, and everything was brand new.  This transfer though, we've figured it out.  We have a lot of people with datesand teach a lot of lessons every week.  I am really enjoying it...except for the driving.  We've gone to Seal Beach a few times for referrals and even Garden Grove.  We'll be down to 3 missionaries again this week....but we'll make the most of it!
  Happy Summer everyone!

Brother and Sister Butler

 Delicious Chicken Pho

 Durian Fruit.....
Oniony, celery...

Look at this meal Sister Sinuon Prel made....she's the bomb!


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