Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Leap of Faith

So this week was pretty awesome. Something that is really hard for us is
finding SOLID people that will stick with us and progress. This is
especially hard in the car area because the church building is about 30
minutes away from everyone in North Long Beach. Well, I think we've started
to make things happen. The Stake Presidency asked us try to seek out Priesthood holders in the Park Ward if it is going to continue to be a ward. So, taking a leap of faith, I went through our ward list and higlighted every male with the Priesthood, or that is un-ordained and left it
at that. Well, as we went tracting, talking to everyone, etc. we started to
notice that we kept meeting males. Now this is strange because 80 percent
of the people I have taught on my mission have been females. But anyway, long
story short, we found a less active family who really wants to return to church-with 3
BOYS baptismal age, and a father who wants to come back. We also have found
2 more LA priesthood holders recently and have picked up many male
investigators. It's SO cool to see how when the Lord wants something done,
and there is a need, if we ask in faith an act, we will be the instruments
to get it done.
Elder Liddell

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