Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 3 with photos of old friends and new ones!

Okay so It's the end of week 3 and it has inched by ever so slowly. The temple closed for the duration of our stay, which was a bummer, but now we have an hour or two to nap on P-Day. We learned more about reading and grammer. The language is mostly memorizing, but there are a lot of odd customs cambodians have that we have to learn about. You aren't allowed to touch heads, or point the bottom of your feet at anyone, it's worse than the middle finger. My district is doing decently well, and we are slowly learning the language. We listened to a conference talk in cambodian, and couldn't pick out more than 10 words in the entire thing. The language is slightly getting easier to speak, but then the teachers throw in gramatical twists. I'm happy I only have 6 more weeks here, we have to find fun in little ways. We have a mini basketball hoop in our room, which is pretty fun the play games with. The MTC is fun and nomatter how long you are here you learn something new everday!

Love everyone a lot!
Elder Liddell

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