Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week 2 for the Nung Cambo!

Okay this is my generic email for the week. Our first investigator, PuHoong decided to get baptized, but then later decided to wait for his family. Hard work recieves awards, and when I start slacking a little in my language study, teaching investigators gets really hard! We still stink at teaching in Cambodian, but it's coming along. We learning HOW to read on Thurday, and now we are just practicing. It's a very slow proccess, because there are 104 letters, but it's slowly coming! We get to translate some of the book of mormon back to english every night, which is super fun. Our investigator also became our night time teacher. He coaches us with not only language but gospel principals. I met my mission president, president TEW with my compainion on Saturday. Me and my companion, as well as 10 others speaking spanish met him, and we were the only camobodian elders. There are only 4 Cambodian speaking elders in LB, and our first sunday we are supposed to translate English to Cambodian in sacrament meeting. I keep learning a lot about recognizing the spirit. We got to see the quorrom of the 12 at the Sunday devotional, and if you didn't see we were on T.V. twice! It was pretty cool, and we got there 3 hours early so we could sit super close. Some advice from apostles about leadership "Good Leaders take action because of Love." One of my teachers got engaged, and so we won't be seeing him around much! Yesterday at the Tuesday devotional we got to hear Janice Kapp Perry, who wrote a lot of primary songs speak. At one point her husband (who is very old) went up and kissed her. The missionaries went WILD. It was an amazing experience to hear about her inspiration of songs I've known my whole life. One of the Elders in my district from Long Beach, Elder Tran, is a recent convert so he has never hear the primary songs before and started bawling, along with a lot of other Elders and Sisters as well. The spirit was so strong when we sang Army of Heleman! New Laotion Elders came in, and they are wicked cool! Here we call the people in our Zone Pi's and Nung's. Pi means older and Nung means younger, so the Elders that have been here 7 weeks are our Pi-Thais, and we are the Nung- Cambos. The Pi Thais are leaving soon, which is sad but awesome that they finally get to leave! Anyway it was a good second week, and I'm ready to finish my 7 more here at the MTC.

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