Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Ate Balut!!!

Because of Labor Day, we only had a short time to email today.  It was really hot last week, but it's a different kind of heat.....the air has been really gross.  But, enough of that! 
I have a companion Elder L__, and he is from Canada and attended BYU.  My other companion is Elder C____ and went to BYU-I.  He's from Texas.  They're awesome.  Our district is full of awesome Elders.  There are 7 of us until the Elder from Cambodia arrives in October. 
 It was honestly really weird coming to Long Beach, but I realized that the area of my mission I'm going to be in for the entire time, is WAY different that Huntington Beach. It's so  much different in the Ghetto, and having SO many people is kind of overwhelming, but we get to see some pretty funny and weird people so that always is awesome.
Oh, I ate the Filipino dish Balut, or whatever with the baby duck inside yesterday, it was pretty nasty... but it tasted good.
We ride our bikes everywhere, all day long-just going straight heroes! We don't mind though, we are leading in our district and have two baptismal dates set.  Lots of amazing things happening.
Thank you for the letters!  Love, Nick

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