Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Monday, February 10, 2014


This week was an amazing experience for the Park Ward! We had a total of 6 baptisms, which was the most in the mission! Elder Clawson and I were able to have the opportunity to baptize a family, which is every missionary's dream! Elder Butler, who is a senior missionary baptized Jessica, the mom. Elder Clawson baptized Tharvee, and I baptized Somarly and Wannadee, as seen in the pictures. It was a fantastic service (a little long) that we had to hold in the chapel because of the number of people in attendance. The entire front row of the chapel was filled with people dressed in white, which was such a cool thing to see. It truely was a miracle. The mission president came, with his wife, to see such a miracle event. Our ward was excited, and is doing great missionary work right now. We found Jessica just over 3 weeks ago.
Funny story, when I baptized Wannadee her hair wasn't going down all the way, so when she was down almost under the water, I kind of had to shove her a little farther down, and she started squirming a little bit under the water. It worked! She was baptized, but the first thing she said after we changed was, "Were you trying to drown me??" I promptly explained the her hair was out of the water, and then she was okay with me holding her under the water, for a few seconds longer than she planned! I heard some giggles, and she had the biggest smile on her face that I've ever seen! The whole family was so excited, and now really want their dad to get work off on Sundays, so he can get baptized too! The Lord gave a miracle to Elder Clawson and I right before transfers. We are most likely ending our 6 month long companionship next Tuesday. We've learned a lot together, and are going to miss our area, and converts a lot!
Until I get my new address, please send all mail to the mission home: 
6500 E Atherton St
Long Beach California 90815

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