Cambodia Town

Cambodia Town

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We had a baptism this week for Simon!

This is Simon (the shortest one), and he is awesome. He was very prepared by God to meet us. We one day were walking down the street, and we had seen a Buddhist house on this street many times, but we never knocked it. In fact we rode by it every day for about 7 months. Elder Clawson and I both got a prompting from the Holy Ghost that we needed to knock the house. So we knocked it, and the guy didn't want to talk to us right then, so we went around back, and knocked some more doors. All of the doors for the apartment complex had lights on, and not one of them answered the door. We were about to go back out to the street, when we noticed that we had walked by a little shack. We didn't think anyone could live in it, but we went around to the side, and it looked like there might be a light on. We knocked, and Simon opened the door. He was really excited to meet us. He lives in a one bedroom, half kitchen/bath shack. He didn't understand much of our message, but he said we could come back, so we did. We brought with us Om Ron. Om Ron is a master teacher, and within minutes Simon accepted to come to church, and met with us almost every day for about 3 weeks. Ron was the one who Baptized him, and it was an amazing sight to see. He easily could have said that he was too old, or that he wanted to go back to his Catholic church, but he decided to change his life anyway. The cool thing about this story is that Simon moved into that house just 3 days before we knocked it, and so if we had knocked his door at any other time, he would not have been there. I can still remember how strong the prompting from the spirit was to knock that door. I know that God is working miracles and preparing people like him to be baptized. He was my 8th baptism so far, and the way things have been going recently in the Cambodian community, there are going to be a lot more soon!
 We had ward conference, and I learned a lot about Buddhism and Christianity, and how similar the religions are.  I am really appreciating and loving the people here.  
New address coming.  You can send all letters to the mission home address listed in a previous post, or email me at:
I hope you are all doing well!  Love, Elder Liddell

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